/13 Bizarre Trivia Questions That Are Impossible To Answer
13 Bizarre Trivia Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

13 Bizarre Trivia Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the coolest, strangest trivia facts they know. Can you tell which statements below are true or false?

  1. If bees were paid minimum wage for their labor, a jar of honey would cost $82,000.

    The jar would actually cost more than that. It’d be $182,000, to be exact.

  2. Joaquin Phoenix lost over 50 pounds to play the role of Arthur Fleck in Joker.

    This one is entirely true!

    Phoenix consulted with the same doctor who helped him lose weight for The Master. After filming ended on Joker, he gained 25 pounds back.

    Via Warner Bros. Pictures

  3. It’s possible to use sign language with an accent.

    If you grow up using one sign language and then learn a different sign language, you’ll actually sign with an accent.

  4. The filling in between the wafers in a Kit Kat is actually leftover Milky Way scraps.

  5. George Washington never knew that dinosaurs existed.

    He died in 1799, but dinosaurs weren’t discovered or identified until 42 years later. Wild!!!!!

  6. All of the planets in the solar system can fit between Earth and the moon.

  7. There are more atoms in one glass of water than there are glasses of water in every ocean on Earth.

    There are roughly 6.6855*10^24 molecules in 200 mL (one glass) of water, compared to roughly 6.67*10^21 200 mL-sized portions of water in the Earth’s oceans.

  8. Polar bears are born with yellow hair that naturally lightens up as they get older.

    Polar bear hair is actually clear, not white! Weird!

    Via BBC / youtube.com

  9. Barack Obama has won more Grammy Awards than Katy Perry.

    Barack Obama has won two Grammys, both for Best Spoken Word Album (2006 and 2008). Katy Perry has 13 nominations but zero wins.

  10. The sound of the velociraptors communicating in Jurassic Park is actually the sound of birds mating.

    It’s actually the sound of tortoises mating. Who knew?!

    Via Universal Studios / Amblin Entertainment

  11. The movie Scream was based on a real-life murder spree in Florida in the ’90s.

    This one is creepy and true.

    The gruesome attacks from The Gainesville Ripper, who killed five students in 1990, were the inspiration for Scream.

    Via Dimension Films

  12. Oxford university is older than the Aztec Empire.

    Believe it! This is true.

    Oxford started teaching students in 1096, but the Aztec Empire didn’t begin until more than 100 years later.

  13. And during your lifetime, you’ll produce enough saliva to fill four swimming pools.

    But you will produce enough saliva to fill TWO swimming pools. That’s about 20,000 liters of saliva, or 53 bathtubs. Dang.

    Via New Line Cinema