/A Congresswoman addressed Mark Zuckerberg’s dumb haircut mid-hearing
A Congresswoman addressed Mark Zuckerberg’s dumb haircut mid-hearing

A Congresswoman addressed Mark Zuckerberg’s dumb haircut mid-hearing

By Nicole Gallucci

Mark Zuckerberg’s having a rough day both on and offline.

The Facebook CEO testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday, and as he attempted to answer questions about Facebook’s data, political ads, and the company’s plans for the controversial cryptocurrency project called Libra, people watching around the world couldn’t help but notice one thing: his dumb-looking haircut.

Let’s just come out and say it… Zuck’s trim is not very cool. It’s been dragged by many people online today for, as one Twitter user noted, resembling a “Petco cut,” and it’s gaining so much attention that a Congresswoman took the time to address it mid-hearing.

“Mr. Zuckerberg, I know Facebook can be sometimes an unkind place, um, both toward my personal appearance and today apparently towards your haircut,” California Representative Katie Porter said. “But as the mother of a teenage boy I just want to say thanks for modeling the short cut.” HAHAH. Ouch.

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Porter did poke fun at Zuck’s hair by calling attention to the sheer amount of crap he’s been getting for it online and by thanking him as a mother of a TEEN, but I guess she technically said “thanks” so if he really wants to stretch he can take it as a compliment. (She also went on to grill him thoroughly on Facebook practice of using contractors for content moderation.)

Regardless of Porter’s take on his hair, the online conversation surrounding the helmet hair wasn’t looking so good.

it’s minor and unfair and unprofessional and everything but how does Mark Zuckerberg not have enough money for a better hair cut

— untitled hern account (@alexhern) October 23, 2019

Does Mark Zuckerberg get his hair cut at Petco?

— TCBGP (@TCBGP) October 23, 2019

This isn’t the first time Zuck has been trolled by users of his beloved internet, and we can guarantee you it won’t be the last.






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