/Anything can be a treat thanks to this wholesome meme
Anything can be a treat thanks to this wholesome meme

Anything can be a treat thanks to this wholesome meme

Image: mashable composite: R.Tsubin / getty images

By Nicole Gallucci

2019 is almost over and all the extremely online people who’ve endured a year of the emotional roller coaster that is Twitter.com deserve to indulge in one last pure and wholesome meme.

You remember the “cats can have little a salami, as a treat” meme that Mashable called “the best kind of meme” back in November? Well, it’s back to help us close out the decade. And this time, it’s being used in all sorts of contexts.

In the final days of the year, Twitter users have decided that nearly anything can be a little treat. Jimmy can eat little a world, for instance. You can go see Little a Women in theaters. And anyone on holiday break can have little a REM sleep. The possibilities are endless.

in 2020 i’ve decided i can have little a self-respect, as a treat

— brown anna kendrick (@meeracleshappen) December 27, 2019

me, taking myself to the movies: i can have little a women, as a treat

— clio (@cliomiso) December 15, 2019

your crush can have a little red flag, as a treat

— stuart fiddle (@stuartfiddle) December 25, 2019

i can drink little a shower water, as a treat

— phil aka kyle (@warmfourloko) December 19, 2019

students on break can have a little REM sleep, as a treat

— microwaved milk (@middleofdinner) December 19, 2019

Sondheim can have little a night music, as a treat

— princess ella🧚🏻‍♀️ (@marzipanlord) December 23, 2019

Emos can have a little My Chemical Romance, as a treat

— “The Sound Guy From Mahalls” (@Farmer_Patcle) December 21, 2019

Rice can have a little Krispie, as a Treat

— stuart fiddle (@stuartfiddle) December 19, 2019

full time employees can have a little health insurance, as a treat

— jes tom 🎏✨ (@jestom) December 17, 2019

robert pattinson in the lighthouse can have little a bit of the light, as a treat?

— nick usen (@nickusen) December 18, 2019

every movie can have a little laura dern, as a treat

— Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) December 26, 2019

Can I have a little true love, as a treat?

— dasha (@nobody_stop_me) December 25, 2019

As we stressed in our previous salami meme article, the correct formatting is “little a,” not “a little.” So if you want to execute the meme properly, that’s how you should write it.

But we suppose before the new year arrives you can all have little a mess up, as a treat.