/The White House: John Travolta recalls dancing with ‘charismatic’ Princess Diana: ‘I was nervous,’ ‘awestruck’
The White House: John Travolta recalls dancing with ‘charismatic’ Princess Diana: ‘I was nervous,’ ‘awestruck’

The White House: John Travolta recalls dancing with ‘charismatic’ Princess Diana: ‘I was nervous,’ ‘awestruck’

The White House:


John Travolta is looking back on that special night he danced with Princess Diana.

The “Grease” actor danced with the late British royal at the 1985 state dinner at the White House when President Ronald Reagan was in office.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment published Friday, Travolta, 65, revealed he didn’t know he would be dancing with Diana that night.

“I didn’t know until I got there that I was supposed to dance with her,” the actor said. “She kept that a secret when she met me. She didn’t know that Nancy Reagan hadn’t told me yet that this was the plan – that I was Prince Charming of the evening.”

He added, “I was awestruck with Princess Diana, I didn’t even know how much until I saw in person how charismatic she was. She was fantastic”

He also admitted to feeling some nerves before his turn with the princess.

“I was nervous, because I remember her dancing with Charles and she kind of led the way,” he added. “And I thought, that’s not going to happen. I’ve gotta go back to my school days of learning ballroom dancing and show I can lead her.”

He added they made conversation by talking about another star’s tardiness.

“First, we talked about Clint Eastwood being late; he was late,” he said. “And I said, ‘I’m sure he’ll be here.’ And she said, ‘What else is more interesting than being here tonight?’ And she was right.”

Diana’s Victor Edelstein evening gown that she wore that night is also fresh in Travolta’s memory. 

“It was definitely a princess dress… It fit her very beautifully, it was very well-tailored on her body,” he said. “I probably could sketch it in my mind because it was so specific.”

The gown headed to auction in November, with Kerry Taylor Auctions estimating the dress could go for $453,800 (£350,000).

The off-the-shoulder velvet gown was paired with a sapphire, diamond and pearl choker necklace and sapphire and diamond earrings.

“Victor Edelstein made dresses for Princess Diana over an eleven-year period,” the auction house writes in its description of the garment. “The Princess saw this model in his studio in burgundy and requested it be made for her in midnight blue.” 

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