/WATCH: House votes to impeach President Trump
WATCH: House votes to impeach President Trump

WATCH: House votes to impeach President Trump

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Transcript for House votes to impeach President Trump

President trump has now been impeached. But Willie get a trial in the senate and win moments after that historic vote in the US House of Representatives last night House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Injected some uncertainty into the process going forward suggesting that president trump might not get the quick easy Republican led trial that he had hoped for. Today explaining what’s next. We teach the president immediately. Everybody thought for the next day and next thing for us will be glad we see. The process that is set forth in the senate. Then we’ll note the number of managers that we may have to go forward. And who that we believe we cheese. Were completely Keller that would be if you practice just this week hopes that they would honor the constitution by the way. I thought competency at record summer let me. And it reminded me that active voters and about the kind. All right suspected that there could be and president. I don’t think they suspected that would ever wrote president and rogue leader in the senate at the same time. So pumping the brakes on an impeachment trial perhaps that’s bring in our Capitol Hill reporter Trish turner. Who’s been leading the charge on the story Trish a lot of people watching this had expected. The senate to take up these articles of impeachment move to the next phase in January. What do you here at their what’s going on here. With them are kind of in limbo at this point we didn’t really expect from this particular. Back and forth to happen. Not normally an acrimonious relationship between the speaker and the senate majority leader they normally don’t have to deal with each other all that much. I’m and when they do evade it it’s it’s kind of a down to business sort of thing they don’t normally trade barbs back and forth and salary and I even thought it was. Never a good thing when they’re talking to us as we now. But leader McCaw Hollinger he’d he decided that after bullets it’s that what she did he wanted to talk to us three proactively spot a few of without. And he just basically sad you know it’s beyond me why they think they have leverage in a holding onto the articles I mean basically says I don’t care they never send them. There were in limbo I will tell you I was just watching in the senate chamber on this is often where you can kind of see body language C meetings that might happen. It does appear that leader McConnell and his democratic counterpart in the senate Chuck Schumer just Mets it seems fairly briefly and left the meetings gonna continue. Just off the floor aunts are waiting to see if anything comes of that we really do think at this point we’re gonna get kind of in their choreography of the trial but not a lot of specific. It’s certainly uncharted territory as you put your first this is historic and something we haven’t ever seen before and it’s a bit we’d see but the political drama here is quite fascinating I wanna bring in someone who is an expert. On senate democratic politics John cot is here John’s great to see you. You’re in touch with a lot of democratic senators on the hill particularly the moderates. And let’s have you address what we’re Trish raised there the possibility. That Nancy Pelosi actually with holds these articles of impeachment. For some time is that he. You could had actually happened. I think that’s a real possibility I think speaker Pelosi has some leverage right now countries can hold onto it. As song she ten if she sees public opinion shifting if there investigations continue some of these court rulings come down in their favor and you know Mick Maldini and John Bolton have to come up and testified that could change a lot of what what’s happening and what Mitch McConnell calculations are. So just so I’m understanding you correctly there are conversations underway speculative. And that perhaps speaker Pelosi holds off. On a senate trial until later in the year in tweets when he I’d I don’t know how late in the year 20/20 but there there are real. Thoughts that she could hold off on it until she sees that Mitch McConnell is gonna hold a serious trial in the senate if she still thinks she’s gonna send it over. And he’s gonna gavel and and an hour later GAAP allowed I think she holds onto the leverage that she hasn’t. It’s people she’s been masterful during this whole time so I would not. Bet against her figuring out a way to get something out the majority leader. Mollen that would keep potentially impeachment in the bloodstream as we get closer to the Tories won election absolutely of the democratic and Republican leaders in the senate addressed. The possibility of a senate trial today on the floor let’s take a listen to Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. I articles are just. Unproven. There also constitutionally and co Eric. Angela Lara. Frankly if either of these articles is blessed by the Santa. We could easily see the impeachment of every future president of either party. I miss again. If the senate blesses this historically low bar we will invite the impeachment of Everett. Future president. To my Republican colleagues. Our message is as simple one. Democrats want a fair trial that examines the relevant facts. We want a fair trial. The message from leader McConnell at the moment. Is that he has no intention of conducting a fair trial. No intention of acting impartially. No intention. Of getting the facts. Art so Trish turner back to you on this one is suing their as a trial let’s set aside for a moment this drama. Involving the house speaker holding the articles for some period of time what what do we know about what a senate trial would look like. Well. At this point. We it would expected to begin it’s crazy how this is on schedule it’s tracking right along the same. Schedule as President Clinton sent to impeachment trial. Could fold it unfolded and that’s a basically would have an early January. Ceremonial day on everybody keeps playing to January 6 for us for Clinton it was January 7. So we need to swear in the Chief Justice prepare the chamber the house managers need to come over and DeVon that’s what we’re really waiting for now as. You know speaker Pelosi and as John saying you know eight shuffle of an empowering dockets. Everyone the waiting for hurts you appoint these house managers these are the prosecutors for the trial. They would need to carry the articles they were really even in the age of computers we. We’ll still see those articles walked over delivered to the senate may exhibit them. On their read aloud to the member is and then basically the senate says. Okay at ex date will invite you back in Clinton’s case it was justice Nina several days a weekend pass and they started right into the trial on January 14. Sell out we’ll see. You know it they’re looking at a swift trial Republicans that they get their way are pointing to about two weeks we also had the president’s counselor senior counselor Kellyanne Connolly appears saying. She thought it should be swift but it also should be full and fair. Whatever that means. And they keep in a really fighting over this issue of whether to call live witnesses or not it was the question that be doubled the Clinton. Impeachment trial Trent Lott was the majority leader back then he fought his own party. To not have live witnesses in the well he told us last night you know it just didn’t want Monica Lewinsky in the hole and the well of the senate talking about a Linder a stain on a blue dress. So in and he really have a sense back then of decorum. There were bonds that do not appear to really exist here in the senate John can speak to that more than me. Let you know it’s there is a core group in the senate though interestingly enough council bosses one of them. In a vacant there’s a core group in the senate right now between really steer this trial so while there aren’t the votes to acquit. You know are there are the votes to acquit not to convict right now. Beyond a core group and a senator moderates institutional us can really steer this trial and interesting directions if it actually happened. And so much procedural drama going on we’ll see if it track’s closing of the Clinton impeachment Trish but. Big picture John and Trish alluded to it what would it take. To remove president trump from office in the senate trial and you think there’s any chance we get close to them. There is almost syrup chance to literature he has said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and I’m not sure he’s wrong at this point. That he could do that I take twenty Republicans right yet tools to remove him from office almost impossible there there is almost no shot of that happening. The there would take 45 Republicans to go to management column say. We would like these rules changed or we would like the Trout ago in a certain way and that’s where there influence will be. Down in the in the impeachment trial but that there is no scenario in which when he Republicans switch and. Impeached press in Trish that’s why the White House and president from really wants this trial. On to at least get the appearance of a vindication he wants the Republican majorities. To sort of blast the fact that he’s equipment right. Great and I play I really think that’s. The audience for speaker Pelosi she is trying to get under president trumps skin she knows had into it better than almost anyone. And she knows that he wants to air his grievances in this than any wants. Quote and quote fair trial he believes in the Republican controlled senate dot threes gonna get it Nuremburg they didn’t put on any trial at all it and prevent any case at all. In the house that this is his chance. And and so you know he’s not gonna go down fighting soaked. Is there is leverage right now with the Democrats it’s that very point he wants to come over here president trump does he wants is legal team to come and make the case they’re likely gonna even be. You know maybe a handful of house Republicans to join that legal team to help make that case and so that there. Waiting for an. In jaw must question to you here because there’s a lot of chatter out there on Twitter and on social media about whether this whole process has made the president stronger. Going into the twenties when he what’s your view on that from moderate Dem countries this. I don’t and it’s helping drop I don’t think it is that I don’t think it’s hurting him I think his bases gonna stick with him I think. That there is almost nothing that. He could do to get them to move I don’t think the independence in the moderates are going to be swayed by this I would say. The most important thing that happened yesterday about the 20/20 election was not him being impeached it was the health care ruling in the fifth circuit more. I would bet anything that bad as what members are talking about next year. More than us and we’re gonna get to the health care discussion coming knocks them by John thank you so much the president actually just seconds ago Wayne in. On all of this in an all Oval Office spray with. A former. Red democratic member of the House of Representatives switching parties in dramatic fashion around this impeachment. Vote Jeff van drew of New Jersey in the Oval Office to make it all official president trump and here’s what he had to say about that senate trial. Why don’t feel like I’m being impeached because. It’s a hoax. It’s a set up. It’s a horrible thing they did. They happen to have a small majority and they took that small majority and they forced people and you know they said no I watched policy out they’re saying no no. We don’t want to talk to anybody they put the arm and everybody they tried to get him to it. Do what they had to do we think that. What they did is wrong we think that what they did is unconstitutional. And the senate is very very capable. We have great senators Republican senators. So the president showing very little concern there about impeach were joined by. Our truck campaign correspondent Rachel Scott now to Richard you just has spent a lot of time with the president’s team on the trailer rally last night of course. Arm but you were also out with the vice president in Michigan as this was all unfolding past few days. How’s he feeling about being on the ticket with this president now impeached. Seattle an interesting day yesterday it was a historic day but did some campaign was moving forward with their plan they had a Christmas rally in Michigan the vice president started the day leaving Washington. A busing throughout the battleground state I was on that bus with him over. A couple of minutes and had an opportunity catch up with him but of course we talked about the historic event that replaying back here in Washington happening around the country and a had a chance to ask him. About the president spoke called the leader Ukraine of course that strikes the heart of this impeachment inquiry the impeachment investigation piglets and what he had to say. Setting aside the issue of impeachment they’re pulling some reports that 70% of Americans. I believe that the president’s conduct was wrong on his own home with the president of Ukraine and the president has denied any wrongdoing he has described Paula as remains. Would you Sam and Hollis Perkins. I think the president in the call was focusing on issues that mattered to our country. He spoke to prisons Lansky about. I’m issues that were concerned two six speaking about that the United States president has an obligation. To ensure that when we invest hundreds of millions of dollars federal aid. Military particularly in places like Ukraine we make sure that there’s not corruption. Also the president always made a priority. Mean in. Ukrainian leadership that we want to hear. Invest more in supporting Ukraine after. After the Russian military role in to cry me has been supporting the war news. Angle so its right call it perfect for them. The president did nothing. And if you compare it with the whistle blowers play. If you compared with the false. Version of the call the chairman Adam Schiff read before the committee you can see. The president did here was simply raise issues that he believed were important to the United States. Yes so there you haven’t asked the vice president repeatedly if he would describe the call as perfect in the vice president like so many Republicans insist that the president had done nothing wrong but would not go west so so are sustainable call with perfect few other interesting things from our conversation there on the bus we know that chairmanship is pushing for his office to declassify. Some material Burton Jennifer Williams testimony. The vice president floated that idea yesterday and he said he still may. And I asked him if he considered this a senior. On the administration on their record he said he thinks that this is the senior and the democrats’ record and looking back in the history books that’s how people see them. He did didn’t talk a lot about corruption though which is sort of an interest in point he has an answer to neither has the president com explaining why. An investigation into Joseph Biden of all things in the Ukraine is important to the United States NASA security. I’m but interesting that he was taking a road trip to Michigan because John we were just talking Michigan isn’t very important state in all this in the president rallying their lowest ten battleground state it’s a state that I know he’s gonna compete nine of the democratic nominees compete in the there’s a senate race there. I find it very odd that he chose to attack. The Ingles two beloved figures in Michigan in Michigan that does not seem like a Smart strategic move but. President doesn’t seem to mind you know. Doing stuff like that he has a history that you’re talking. About Debbie dingle the congresswoman from Michigan her husband the late John dingle longtime longest serving ever. Yeah a member of congress. Who has passed away both the target of president trump last night and his rally were expecting. An interview coming up here on the briefing room with Debbie Ettinger herself. I’m but we wanna continue now in our coverage of the fallout from this impeachment. Investigation and the impeachment vote last night and I are Martha Raddatz on the road in Michigan as well around that rally. Talking to voters in that part of the country about how they feel about things that went down here in Washington. I felt for a long time that it was a futile act. And but now I think I like Nancy Pelosi says I don’t think we have a choice and I don’t think she had a choice either. I don’t think this is gonna help. The Democratic Party I’d. Really don’t know that it is easy entry don’t think he’s going to be removed removed removed from office to like my mother used to say actions speak louder than words. And his actions have helped the country what issues are important to you. What’s most important health care health care is an extremely important. And oil sound health care if people can’t get their. Themselves healthy. We don’t ever told each. And John we’re talking about that are in the show health care. After all the smoke clears from impeachment will still be the number one issue for voters absolutely when when this all clears and the trial is Don. You’ll see members go back home and start talking about health care and that ruling wool I think Democrats hang that around the necks of Republicans. That there will be thousands of their constituents are. Gonna lose health care there’ll be thousands with preexisting conditions or risk of losing it. There will be a lot of kids that are risk of losing it and that will be the number one voting issue I predict in November not this is why he’s funny just around the corner John caught democratic strategists think he’s a much racial Scott has always great to see it change your hurting us. That interview.

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